Saturday, January 14, 2012

This Year's Goal and Much More!!!

Hey, Blog Readers! It's me, Benjamin Parker. Yeh... I know... it has been awhile since I last posted in my blog.

I'm here to write that I have made a New Year's goal. This year I'm going to finish writing two whole novels before the end of the year. Yes... it's going to be hard with my adhd, but I will try my best in completing my goal.

I have picked at least three books; one I know I will write, while the other two I'm trying to decide.

The first book I'm going to finish is 'The Journey Within The Realm.'

The second book is between 'A Diary Filled With Problems,' or, a new novel I am creating, 'The Shadows Of The Real World.'

'The Shadows Of The Real World' is the sequel of 'The Journey Within The Realm.' I won't tell you what it is about (Manly because it will spoil the first book's ending), but I will tell you that it takes place around 13 to 15 years later from the first book.

Until next time, See Ya!

Benjamin Parker (a.k.a. The Nintendo Rater)