Monday, June 27, 2011

From the New to the Old

Hello, Readers. Sorry about not posting for a while. However, I didn't do much writing at the time. I did create a few new book ideas. Here are the descriptions:

+Ashford Wright, Police Detective - Ashford Wright is a famous detective for the Los Posibilidades Police Department. This is similar to a classic Noir novel. I will have to study on the subject a little more before I can fully write this book. I'm hoping that this will become a series.

+The Legend of the Video Gamer - This book is dedicated to The Nintendo Company. It's about a inventor and world-champion video game player named Kyle who gets sent into the many realms of the Nintendo series. There he meets up with the different families in each series realm. He then finds out he is the legendary hero to save all the realms from the greatest evil.

Besides those two, I am going back to writing the second part of The Reaper Diaries trilogy, A Diary Filled With Problems. Well, until next time. Thanks, Benjamin P. Parker.

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