Sunday, April 10, 2011

Writing Three Books At Once

Hello, Fans. Sorry about the delay. A lot of things were (and some still are) keeping me very busy for these past months. On top of that, I had a little problem with what anybody who writes goes through... writer's block. However, I was able to come up with two more book ideas. Here's the rundown on them:
+The Man Who Changed Everything - Yes... I know... the title sucks. Even if the title is not one of my bests, the plot is great. A drifter named Luigi Bonacelli, a half-vampire, travels from town to town, helping them with their problems. People recogize who he is by three trademarks; his Fedora hat (Think Indiana Jones), the Shillelagh (Irish walking cane from the Shillelagh Forest) on his back, and the music of an Ocarina. When he reached a small town called Winterhallow, Luigi finds out that the town is in pretty bad shape. So with free meals and a rent-free room at the inn, Luigi decides to help the town out. +A Journey Within The Realm - Better title. The plot is about a guy named Randy Nelson is given a book titled The History of the Magic Realm from his parents. When he reads the inscription on the first page, he gets sucked into the book. There, he finds himself in the Magic Realm. In the Magic Realm, there are only women living. There hadn't been a man there for many years. Every woman is a magical being. As Randy tries to find a way out of the realm, he teams up with seven magical beings, all different too. As they travel, Randy soon finds out that he was sent to the Magic Realm for a reason. I have a feeling that this book may make a great anime series. Maybe someday... when it's finished. So, there are the two new book ideas. I'm still writing the second part of the Reaper Diaries Trilogy, A Diary Filled With Problems. However, as I'm writing that book, I'm also writing these two other books, The Man Who Changed Everything and A Journey Within The Realm. P.S. - I'm still in the middle of correcting the first part of the Reaper Diaries Trilogy, The Reaper Diaries. I know, I know... it's been a couple of months, but correcting a edited book is annoying and very boring. It always takes me a while to fix a whole book page by page. I just get sleepy way too fast doing it for too long. Well, that's the lastest news about my writing. Hope you will like it and keep checking my blogs. I will try my best to update more often. I'm sorry if I take too long. Many thanks, Benjamin P. Parker.