Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two novels in the editing process

After I finished high school in 2007, I been busy writing multipule novels. By autumn of 2010, I had finished writing three novels: The Meeting That Changed It All, The Gifts Of The Watch's Time, and The Reaper Diaries.

The Gifts Of The Watch's Time was the second novel that I ever wrote. It's about a guy named Kirby Blake. Kirby is a unemployed man looking for a well paying job. He finds the oddest job in the most interesting place, as a human guinea pig (test subject) at a place called SOL (stands for secretary of lasers) Labs.

The other novel is called The Reaper Diaries. This is the first part of three novels about the Grim Reaper. Right now I'm in the middle of writing the second part titled A Diary Filled With Problems. Part three is called The Final Diaries.

Both The Gifts Of The Watch's Time and The Reaper Diaries are in the editing process. So far there are two people editing my books, my mom and my dad. My mom just wanted to read another one of my novels after she finished reading my published book. My dad, who was a high school English teacher, is my free editor. As I wait for them to correct my errors and hand it back to me so I can fix my novels, I'm still writing A Diary Filled With Problems.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Meeting That Changed It All - The Book

Product Description:
About - Doctor Karen Allen thought working at POW-Labs (Stands for Power of Women) was going great until she became an assistant for a job. The job was named Sidney Bates. Little did Karen know that meeting Sidney would change her life forever.
Bio - I started writing after I graduated high school at eighteen. Having ADHD, Bipolar, and Asperger’s, doing anything was a challenge. However, along with these disorders came a high IQ and a very huge imagination. So, I picked up a dictionary and my laptop and started writing books.
Blog Writing:
This was my first published book. Publish America or PA is the publishing company who helped me put my novel in book form. I added my book's cover photo, what it is about, and my bio at the top of this post. I also added two places you can buy it, if you wanted to (Sorry... I will post more places if I find them). You can also google the book's title or my author name, Benjamin P. Parker, to see if you have any luck finding more.
This book took me from august of 2007 to december of 2008. After having my dad, who was a high school English teacher, edit my book, it took me between 6 to 10 months to fix my errors. While doing that, I was searching for a publisher for my book. It wasn't until the summer of 2010 when I found Publish America, a somewhat self-publishing company that only takes a percentance from your book sales checks and not from your pockets when making your novel into a real book. I finally got my first copy in october of 2010.
If anybody who wants to buy a book, has a copy, or read the book has any questions, just type them in comments and I will get back to you.

Welcome to a novelist's world!

Hello! Welcome to my blog A Novelist's World. I'm Benjamin P. Parker, writer of The Meeting That Changed It All. This blog is a website that I will be answering any questions people might have about my book(s) and to fill everybody in about my writing I'm doing at that time. I will post new things every now and then so keep checking this blog. I will also have links to sites that have to do with my books.

Thank you and enjoy!